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  1. The NQ Predicament small number of bands low band membership general competency level low age group profile has gaping holes in it no competition circuit little or no…
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  • 1. The NQ Predicament small number of bands low band membership general competency level low age group profile has gaping holes in it no competition circuit little or no structured learning low exposure to higher standards local bands have mixed purposes - and rightly so the “Tyranny of Distance”
  • 2. Distance - it’s been solved before National & State Representation sports teams orchestras School of the Air Flying Doctors Internet
  • 3. Let’s do some workshops - maybe not Tutors wrongly motivated or unqualified Poor attendance 50% attendees unmotivated or bored Other 50% inspired for a day No reinforcement by repetition Use it or lose it
  • 4. A problem: lack of motivation lack of opportunity tyranny of distance
  • 5. A solution: NQ Competition Band motivation competition + like-minded people = breeds improvement opportunity a repetitive calendar of events distance structured learning, technology and local workgroups fun people want to keep doing things when they’re having a good time
  • 6. NQ Scots North Queensland Scottish Pipe Band commonly known as “NQ Scots Pipe Band” to be incorporated as North Queensland Scottish Pipe Band Inc. currently has 1 member
  • 7. What it is (goals and aims?) a competition band - to compete and win a structured learning platform - for the development of piping and drumming in NQ an opportunity - to play and learn to play great music with others something to be proud of
  • 8. What it is not an administrative or governing association a replacement for local bands for the faint hearted for time wasters a free ride
  • 9. local bands - spin off puts a “competitive safety net” around the band supports the notion of community bands training tips filter through for “free” standards raised slowly and conservatively the habit of teaching others spreads more new members - growth
  • 10. Who can join? 3 distinct groups People living in NQ catchment Anyone else in similar predicament Anyone else.
  • 11. How many players do we need to kick off? 12 pipers 1 bass + 2 tenors 4 sides What if too many numbers?
  • 12. Membership To support administration costs - the same nominal fee applies to: Supporter membership Volunteer membership Player membership
  • 13. Who do we need? Pipers A camera-ready president Drummers Publicity Guru Volunteers Artist Tutors Web Developer Administrators Dogmatic Grants Officer
  • 14. Funding Principles (the flawed World War Two pipe band model) Pay as you go - pay for what you use BYO (uniform) - another Australian invention kilts - at reduced cost minimal uniform (readily available items) Basic membership administration & insurance Local, State & Corporate Grants travel & accomodation reeds, chanters & drums* consumables Annual concert*
  • 15. Grants & Sponsorship Remote organisation Education and development of young people Ethnic culture Music & Arts Country / Regional Area - Distance Regional Representation - North Queensland
  • 16. Don’t forget the music Part A. Always the shortest repertoire necessary to fulfill the bands goals At the outset: Grade 4 Competition Set (main event) 3 short Marches (getting from A to B) Performance Set (showing off)
  • 17. Don’t forget the music Part B. Two Competition Sets 2 x competition medleys, 2 x MSR Concert Repertoire CD Repertoire And a *ell of a lot of fun doing all of above
  • 18. Possible Calendar 4 - 6 annual weekend workshops/meetings/camps (in future - piggy backed onto public events?) 2 - 3 comps per year (examples) state, national, NZ or Maclean, Melbourne, Worlds (?) local level workgroups A. tutored B. self-tutored internet practice portal & online community learning & practice resources
  • 19. A kind of roadmap for first 12 months Start a band (done) Form “Kickstart” group (underway) Membership drive (underway) Set up Learning Support System (underway) Uniforms, Chanters, Reeds & Drums 1 Competition in Grade 4.
  • 20. Registration issues? Most NQ bands not registered for competition, and few if any compete. Most that do, compete in unregulated competitions such as Ayr Re-register with NQ band for competition only Change registration to competition band but play with local and NQ band Ask relevant association to amend rules to ease our special circumstances
  • 21. What’s next Go online find out more: www.nqscots.com Tell other people Join in any capacity and/or encourage someone else to join Did I say “tell other people”?
  • 22. A story worth telling a cafe owner from Port Douglas a stockman from outback Queensland a diving instructor from Airlie Beach a nurse from Townsville a sugar mill worker from Sarina all driving a combined 5000km through the red dust of the outback wearing ladies skirts (kilts) and making one hell of a racket!
  • 23. Birth Notices On Saturday, 23 May 2009 in Ayr, North Queensland, Australia, a group of enthusiastic musicians decided they’d had enough of watching their beloved hobby fade slowly away due to lack of numbers and the tyranny of distance. They decided there and then to get off their butts and do something about it: to pool their resources; form a competition band committed to the highest musical standards; and draw their members from an area just under one million square kilometres in size. And in so doing they inadvertently wrote the first chapter in a little piece of Australian pipe band history: the birth of the NQ Scots Pipe Band.
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