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  1. Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not. Pablo Picasso AIESEC Kenya Member Commi�ee office is currently based at the…
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  • 1. Others have seen what is and asked why. I have seen what could be and asked why not. Pablo Picasso AIESEC Kenya Member Commi�ee office is currently based at the University of Nairobi. The Member Commi�ee 2010-2011 will consist of the following posi�ons: o President o Vice President Finance & Administra�on o Vice President Talent Management o Vice President Outgoing Exchange o Vice President Incoming Exchange and Projects o Vice President Corporate Rela�ons o Vice President Communica�on o Vice President LC Development The people elected/ selected in the above posi�ons form the management board of AIESEC Kenya. The President is elected and the Vice Presidents are selected during Na�onal Conference each year. This year the elec�on/selec�on process will take place at Na�onal Conference 2010. As the central body of the na�onal organiza�on many roles and ini�a�ves are designed, planned and implemented over a long-term basis. Con�nuity across these stages is crucial to implemen�ng strategy globally. Consequently, applicants for posi�ons at AIESEC Kenya should strongly consider the possibility of con�nuing their mandate for more than one term. This has shown, in the past, to increase the effec�veness of planning and implemen�ng strategy. MC 2010-2011 candidate process: Elec�ons Applica�ons open Selec�on panel Na�onal Conf 2nd Selec�on panel Final Announcement 13th Nov-10th Dec 13th Dec 21st-24th Jan A�er 22nd Jan A�er 22nd Jan Applica�on Details: 1. Please read this document in detail; obtain the relevant endorsements; complete the appropriate applica�on form of your choice. 2. Submit your applica�on, endorsements and all requested material by 20:00 GMT(23.00 Kenyan �me) Thursday, 10th December 2009. (Late applica�ons will not be accepted) 3. Review Board will take place on Sunday, 13th December 2009 (The venue will be communicated). 4. Review Board results will come out on Tuesday, 15th December 2009. 5. Na�onal Conference will be held from the 21st to 24th January 2010. VP candidates are to get their votes of confidence. 6. The second review board and selec�ons will either be done at Na�onal Conference on the 23rd or later on. (Minimum three weeks as per the compendium) AIESEC Kenya | 1
  • 2. AIESEC KENYA MEMBER COMMITTEE STRUCTURE 2010-2011 The structure for the year 2010-2011 has been outlined as follows: MCP Alumni Manager IM Manager VP Finance & Admin. VP Incoming exchange VP Outgoing Exchange VP Talent Management VP Corporate VP Communica�ons VP LC Development & projects Rela�ons Na�onal Accoount LC Coaches (3-5) Exchange Drive Team Na�onal Trainers Team Management Unit (3-4) Na�onal Support Body (4) (5) Recep�on & Integra�on Co-ordinator Finance Subcommi�ee Na�onal Exchange Internal Auditor Membership Conference Managers Subcommi�ee 3-4 LCPs Quality Board (to be voted in) General Profile of MC team members: While the members of AIESEC MC come from diverse backgrounds and environments, several general characteris�cs, skills and knowledge is expected. Intellectual and psychological Many aspects of personality can be important to being on the MC Team. Some of them are obvious: desire for constant learning, systema�c thinking, and crea�vity, adaptability to change, sense of responsibility, capacity of analysis, pa�ence, listening and suppor�veness. Each of these characteris�cs is important to be able to perform in the environment of AIESEC Kenya. Society knowledge Broad knowledge of world and na�onal systems, current trends, issues facing society are important to represent the organiza�on that AIESEC Kenya must manage and lead. Prac�cal understanding of new management theories (e.g. learning organiza�on, self-organizing systems) is also important in managing the diverse environments in which AIESEC operates. In addi�on, each posi�on requires skills and knowledge in the areas of financial management and budge�ng, project management, human resources management and a very good understanding of English. AIESEC understanding A broad understanding of the associa�on is required in order to run AIESEC Kenya properly. An understanding of The AIESEC Way, current direc�on, country development and systems is certainly something we will look for in all candidates. Others Overall, there is no perfect candidate profile. However, good candidates will possess strong competencies in the areas of social behavior, mo�va�on, task orienta�on and people management skills. The key component is balance - within the individuals and within the team of individuals! AIESEC Kenya | 2
  • 3. General Information Compensa�on and Benefits The monthly s�pend for MC members of AIESEC Kenya is an average of Ksh.5,000. This however might increase if partnerships proposals sent go well. Travel for purposes of AIESEC Kenya (marke�ng, LC visits, and conference travel) is covered, as well as calling costs incurred for work purposes. Personal travel is not covered. In terms of the MC house, the plan to get one by February 2010. This will greatly ease MC opera�ons. Conference A�endance MANDATED CONFERENCE ATTENDANCE As part of their role as leader of AIESEC Kenya, the MC members are responsible for a�ending various conferences and mee�ngs throughout the year. The following conferences require mandatory a�endance by all selected MC Vice-Presidents: Na�onal Conference – January 2010 Na�onal Planning Conference- May 2010 East African Pioneers Conference- November 2010 OPTIONAL CONFERENCE ATTENDANCE There may also be opportuni�es to a�end the following interna�onal conferences at one’s own sourced funding: AFROXLDS, Togo or another EXPROS that would be strategic to a�end- March 2010 Interna�onal Congress- August 2010, India Term of office Turnover will begin in April 2010 and the official term on the na�onal team runs from July 1st, 2010 to June 30th, 2011. All selected MC VPs are expected to begin transi�on virtually – reading materials, par�cipa�ng in conference calls, etc. – as from selec�on. Please note that June is the official proba�on month for the new MC team. Their opera�ons begin then, with close support from the outgoing team. The month of June is a transi�on month with the incoming and outgoing na�onal support teams. AIESEC Kenya | 3
  • 4. MC Frequently Asked Questions Which �me is the most involving of the year? “Quarter one running un�l October is the busiest months of the year and this is mostly a�ributed to the Dinner and IC. So many things are happening and you feel like you are not in control of a lot of things. The reality of your responsibili�es hit you a�er IC and how much work you have to do in order to deliver results in your por�olio as well as make yourself visible in the LCs. The la�er is usually the toughest and I did not think it would be so hard to “be there for the LCs”. You realize your role when it’s you they are calling to deliver trainings and at the same �me the MCP wants to capitalize on Q1 in order to drive results. All in all during this �me you have to learn to make your MC members your best friends so that they can understand what you are going through and you can even delegate some of your tasks if it gets too tough.” What were your unforge�able moments while in MC? “At Interna�onal Congress when we received the UBS award as well as the mandate to host IC 2011! The whole conference itself was unforget- table: being one of the 600 leaders cha�ng a way forward for the organiza�on is truly something!” “Si�ng in an LC office in the middle of the night with the EB ea�ng toasted bread and black tea for dinner a�er a memorable mee�ng with the members.” “Travelling at 2am from Eldoret in a matatu to Nairobi from an LC visit, ea�ng chips and soda, wai�ng to begin yet another day at work :-)!” “The first five-day transi�on for both MC teams in Thika; Ge�ng to know each other for the first �me, as well as sharing our plans for AIESEC Kenya, was really amazing.” Is it worthwhile/rewarding being on the MC? “It will be rewarding, if you know/knew what you want/wanted to run for! If you feel like running, because you s�ll have some �me that you want to spend in AIESEC, we would advise you to dig deep and find out what you will give to the organiza�on and how you feel it will contrib- ute to your development. It is not about the money, it is not about the fancy mee�ngs with externals, it must be your passion that drives you. Only with that passion can you drive an organiza�on and your members! If at some point you realize, it is not worth it, then you have to create that experience for yourself!” How is interac�on with the LCs? “Interac�on with the LCs is mostly based on por�olio and du�es as MC responsible. As a member in the MC, of course the LCs may treat you a bit differently from how they did when you were in the LC, but it all depends on how you decide to relate with them. Being in the MC, one of the most rewarding �mes are those that give you the chance to help an LC with either your �me or knowledge and actually see all this come to successful frui�on. It is quite a rewarding experience! So your interac�on with LCs is really what you make of it!” How much �me does being on the MC involve? (weekends, general working �me, …) “The official working hours of the MC 2009/10 were 35 hours per week. We kind of got rid of core office �mes during the year, as most of us were in school. Nevertheless I think the next team should be having core working �me, for example: One day, where everybody is in the office from 10 to 3pm. Now lets talk about the reality…. I don’t think that there was a single week where we came below 50 hours per week. Especially the trips to the LCs outside Nairobi, NEBs, weekend seminars and LC team buildings lead to the fact that most �mes, 3 weekends per month are full with AIESEC events. But they are fun events! :-)” AIESEC Kenya | 4
  • 5. MC Frequently Asked Questions...contd. How is it like being an interna�onal on the MC? “Being an interna�onal MC member in AIESEC Kenya is just the best experience to ever have! This country is so beau�ful, the people are so welcoming and the work is too much to even realize this statement could not be true! This year we were two interna�onals, in 2007/08 we had our VP TM&OGX from Hungary and 06/07 our VP TM from Denmark. Firstly let me say that I was not a “real” interna�onal, as I had been to Kenya for 4 months before on my DT in 2008. Anyways being on an interna�onal MC is a challenge! My basic sugges�on for survival is to come with a huge amount of curiosity, humour and pa�ence. Very soon, I was part of AIESEC Kenya, my MC colleagues never treated me “different”. As an “outsider” it is important to be confident about your own skills and personality! About logis�cs: For my MC term I was lucky to get a host family within AIESEC. This gave me the ideal situa�on of having a warm and welcoming place, one of the most important things when being away from home for long. When applying, be aware, that this is not for granted. There is no MC house yet. Learning Swahili or Sheng just happens easily. Calling home is a bit costly, but I keep contact with my family and friends through email. Some�mes it is good to have extra cash to treat yourself when you get homesick (interna�onal food is expensive), security is �ght at night (taxi) or you fall sick. Talking about surviving… yeah, Nairobi has a higher crime rate than a lot of other ci�es in the world. Losing your phone is basically part of the experience!” Manuela Mueller(German)- VP TM 2009-2010 “A�er ITC I was revitalized, and as a direct impact I went straight to my MC and asked for interna�onal opportuni�es - three days later I applied for MCVP-PD in Kenya, two weeks later I got the answer and went ecsta�c!, two month later I stepped out of a plane in Nairobi - and now , I am looking back at an MC term that has been both challenging and joyous, that repeatedly pushed my limits both professionally, socially, physically and culturally. I have sworn in anger, cried in despera�on, shouted in happiness, shared dreams and nightmares. I have seen nature I would not believe existed, and I have seen people living under such bad condi�ons that you would not believe existed either. I have developed both tolerance and respect for my fellow Kenyans and I have become street-smart from living in a ‘dangerous’ city - I have also become harder as poverty and crime became a daily part of my environment and I have come to feel safe in the presence of policemen with rifles (a thing that freaked me out when I came). Kenya is a country of extreme diversity - a country that have both scared the *** out of me, but also charmed me to the bo�om of my hearth - a country that has enabled me to learn so much more than I could ever have learned in any fancy job back home in old scandinavia.” Kris�an Madsen(Danish)- VP TM(then PD) 2006-2007 AIESEC Kenya | 5
  • 6. Job Descriptions Member Commi�ee President Role: o Design strategy development processes at Na�onal level to ensure the strategic development, relevance, and compe��veness of the organiza�on in the short and long term o Coach the MC team for the development and implementa�on of priority na�onal services, country development and maintenance of the head office opera�ons. o Represent AIESEC at Na�onal, external events to enhance the credibility of AIESEC and challenge the performance and relevance of our ac�vi�es. o Strengthen the management of AIESEC Kenya office to ensure efficiency, accountability and sustainability of MC opera�ons o Communicate, empower, guide and involve members (mainly LCPs) to demonstrate an alignment with The AIESEC way and strategic plan in their ac�ons; and to take an ac�ve role around the constant improvement of our global contribu�on, processes and systems as an organiza�on o Management of communica�on and main interac�on with diverse external advisors to the AIESEC Kenya Team. o Work with VPF to ensure the sustainability of the head office. o Main liaison person to the Board of Advisors and the Honorary Council, in conjunc�on with the VPF Individuals should provide evidence, experience or results in: o Prac�cal applica�on and ac�ons aligned with what we Envision, our Values and Strategic Plan o Ability to represent AIESEC Kenya na�onally, regionally and interna�onally o Extensive team management experience at Local and Member Commi�ee o Ac�ve par�cipa�on and knowledge about the recent global discussions and strategy building processes at na�onal and global level (such as IPM, IC, key Strategic/Management Discussions) o Experience in communica�ng AIESEC direc�on and contribu�on to external bodies and different sectors of the society o Na�onal and Local Opera�onal and Long Term Planning experience o Understanding and fair knowledge of financial management o Extensive knowledge on the growing external trends, internal global issues and agenda o Knowledge on current management & leadership prac�ces for AIESEC o Usage of Personal skills and qualities: o Strategic and analy�cal thinking o Ability to facilitate clear and simple communica�on (listening and speaking) with people from different cultural, social and AIESEC backgrounds o Ambi�on and clear organiza�onal drive & understanding o Ability to supply direc�on, focus, build consensus and create fellowship o Nego�a�on and conflict/crisis solving skills o Good level of understanding of human nature, behavior and psychology o Prac�cal management skills such as priority management, opera�onal planning, task delega�on, performance tracking, team communica�on and empowerment o High level of innova�on and crea�vity to challenge and overcome the complexity of the global organiza�on o Constant learning and personal improvement for job/task performance AIESEC Kenya | 6
  • 7. F&A Role and requirements Vice President Finance and Administra�on Role: o Manage AIESEC Kenya’s financial resources in the most effec�ve way to support MC and organiza�onal goals, and increase AIESEC Kenya long term financial sustainability o Ensure that all the legal obliga�ons of AIESEC Kenya are met and as well, ensure the general well-being and sustainability of the MC office o Ensure that financial resources na�onally (especially partner funds) are being used in the most effec�ve way to allow the organiza�on to grow its results o Managing the BOA and Honorary Council in coopera�on with the MCP and ensuring that communica�on with external bodies associated with AIESEC Kenya is up to date. o Management of Na�onal Compendium and legisla�on at conference, plus all related issues in conjunc�on with the MCP o Support LCs to improve their financial management and sustainability. o Financial repor�ng, management and procedures for the Na�onal Commi�ee. o Managing bank transac�ons for the Na�onal Office. o Invoicing and organizing collec�on and receip�ng of all payments due to the na�onal commi�ee (sponsorship, affilia�on fees etc). o Filing of all source documents and any other financially related documenta�on in the office. o Oversee internal and external audit procedures. o Advising organizing commi�ees on budgets and proper ways of accountability, maintaining a bank account- in the course of their ac�vi�es. o Develop and provide any training that the LCs may require in financial management. o Managing Conference OCs by offering guidance and support. o Possible involvement with some na�onal sponsor group accounts. o Prominent member of the fundraising team in the Na�onal Commi�ee. Individuals should provide evidence, experience or results in: o Financial management and control o Accoun�ng o Leadership experiences that require strategic thinking o LC coaching and management of support teams o Prac�cal understanding of the AIESEC Experience and how finance relates to it/how it impacts the finances of LCs and MCs o Conference management o Training and facilita�ng o Managing or coopera�ng with externals o Usage of o Usage and understanding of accoun�ng so�ware (Required) o Legal/legisla�on management Personal skills and qualities: o Ability and interest in working in a mul�-cultural team environment o Ability to deal with mul�ple tasks o Work well under pressure, and resistant to stress o Interpersonal and communica�on skills o Strategic and long term thinking o Results oriented o Think fast, and move fast o Pa�ent o Accurate o Aggressive o Strong willed AIESEC Kenya | 7
  • 8. TM Role and requirements Vice President Talent Management Introduction: o The Vice President Talent Management is a posi�on driving the Na�onal Talent Management Strategy with focus on the en�re experience from new member, to leadership stage and on to alumni. o The VP TM focuses on Na�onal tools for talent management, knowledge, skills and capacity development, leadership develop ment, and AIESEC Way alignment. o The VP TM role requires not just good opera�onal understanding of our talent management system to manage, but also an ability to play a leadership role by bringing progressive ideas and understanding of overall organiza�onal direc�on. o The Role demands co-ordina�on with other func�ons of the MC office, which is established through task forces and other por�olios (Especially VP OGX and MCP). o We would like to encourage all people who have exper�se and experience in one or in mul�ple of those areas to apply. Role: o To together with the MCP ensure a culture of excellence in both MC and in LCs o To ensure that Talent Management processes in all stages of the AIESEC Experience are running and well func�oning in all LCs (Amongst others: talent planning, talent tracking and pipelining, selec�on processes, performance reviews, goal se�ng, induc�on, transi�on, career planning, rewards and recogni�on). o To ensure a healthy learning environment in AIESEC Kenya and in each of the LCs (Mentorship program, team structures and educa
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