Advocacy - Whose Job is it?

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  1. Whose Job Is It Anyway?  Library Advocacy from the Frontlines<br />Maureen Ambrosino<br />Youth Services Consultant<br />and “Raging Library…
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  • 1. Whose Job Is It Anyway?  Library Advocacy from the Frontlines<br />Maureen Ambrosino<br />Youth Services Consultant<br />and “Raging Library Activist” <br />Central Massachusetts Regional Library System<br />
  • 2. My Journey as an Advocate<br />School Library Journal, January 2008 :<br />Metamorphosis: Or How I Went from Quiet Bystander to Raging Library Activist<br />
  • 3. “Active support of a cause or course of action.”<br />What is Advocacy?<br />
  • 4. Legislative<br />Library Administrators<br />Trustees<br />Friends<br />Grassroots<br />Frontline<br />Librarians and library support staff<br />Types of Advocacy<br />
  • 5. Frontline library advocacy:<br /> Library staff-initiated action to:<br />Articulate the value of their respective libraries and their value to their communities.<br />Connectors- Improve the quality of resources and services in their library environment.<br />Frontline Advocacy (cont.)<br />
  • 6. Involving Frontline Library Staff in Advocacy<br />We all must advocate for the value of our libraries. <br />All of usmust also be able to articulate our value as library employees.<br />
  • 7. Connection<br />
  • 8.
  • 9. <ul><li>Positioning the library within the city/county, college/university, or school/school district.
  • 10. Focus on legislators/elected officials/decision-makers. </li></ul>Library Administration<br />
  • 11. Identifying Frontline Staff to Deliver the Library Message<br />Should everyone be involved in frontline advocacy?<br />
  • 12.
  • 13. Identifying Frontline Staff (cont.)<br />Building an advocacy team: <br />Determine the extent of frontline staff involvement.<br />Involve librarians and library staff in brainstorming.<br />
  • 14. <ul><li>Match the message with the venues and delivery methods.
  • 15. Provide scripts and/or “cheat sheets.”
  • 16. Work with staff for input on process and delivery.
  • 17. Staff members deliver the message.
  • 18. Meet to assess outcomes.</li></ul>Empowering Frontline Staff as Advocates<br />
  • 19. 52 Ways and 23 Things<br /> (20 pages)<br /> (3 pages)<br />
  • 20. Levels of Advocacy<br />
  • 21. Library Advocacy?<br />It’s Everybody’s Job!<br />Every Voice Makes a Difference.<br />
  • 22. Anyonewho thinks they’re too small to be effective… has never been in bed with a mosquito.<br />
  • 23.<br /><br /> advocacyuniversity/<br />More to come…….<br />
  • 24. Thank You!<br />
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