Advance Total Compensation Statement for Executives

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  1. REMINDER Check in on the COLLABORATE mobile app Advance Total Compensation Statement for Executives: A Case Study Prepared by: Patty Snider HCM Senior Consultant…
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  • 1. REMINDER Check in on the COLLABORATE mobile app Advance Total Compensation Statement for Executives: A Case Study Prepared by: Patty Snider HCM Senior Consultant Emtec, Inc. Session ID#:
  • 2. Agenda ■ Introduction ■ Overview of Oracle HCM Cloud Workforce Compensation Module ■ Case Study ■ Lessons Learned ■ Questions
  • 3. Introduction
  • 4. Presenter Information ■ Patty Snider, HCM Senior Consultant ▪ Over ten years of experience implementing, upgrading and administering HRIS systems — Oracle HCM Cloud — PeopleSoft HCM — PeopleSoft ELM ▪ Human Resources process background ▪ Compensation implementation expert
  • 5. Business and Technology Empowered
  • 6. Overview of Oracle HCM Cloud Workforce Compensation Module
  • 7. Oracle HCM Cloud Applications ■ Comprehensive, integrated, and flexible suite of cloud-based HR software ■ Fully integrated functionality within four key areas: core HR, workforce management, workforce rewards, and talent management.
  • 8. Oracle HCM Cloud Services
  • 9. Oracle Cloud Workforce Compensation ■ Design compensation programs tailored for global and local organizations all in one application: ▪ Flexible Configuration ▪ Compensation modeling solutions ▪ Integrated performance management ▪ Pay for performance ▪ Total compensation communications
  • 10. Case Study: Total Compensation Statements for Executives
  • 11. Customer Profile ■ Internationally-recognized designer of high-end furnishings with 2012 revenue of more than $1.7 billion ■ 4000+ employees in U.S. and Canada ■ Previous compensation system, developed internally, employed Lotus Notes and a custom database ■ Conduct merit/pay administration for the organization twice a year
  • 12. Objective Reduce the complexity and the timeline of the salary planning process
  • 13. The Business Challenge ■ In the previous system, there was an extensive amount of technical preparation work required prior to the opening of each compensation cycle. ▪ Gathering a large number of spreadsheets ▪ Manually updating system data. ▪ Manually create ~200 customized executive total compensation statements ▪ Limited visibility for higher level managers ▪ Frustrating user experience for superiors and managers 13
  • 14. Why Modernize Now 1. Reduce complexity in preparing for and administering the compensation planning process 2. Enable greater line manager self-service and real time visibility for high-level management 3. Streamline business process to decrease exceptions
  • 15. Solution ■ Oracle HCM Cloud Coexistence ▪ Base HCM Cloud for coexistence ▪ Bidirectional integration to/from HR source system and HCM Cloud application ■ Workforce Compensation Module ▪ Compensation Workforce Plans ▪ Executive Total Compensation Statements
  • 16. Executive Total Compensation Statement ■ A critical business requirement that required extensive prototyping and review ■ ~200 employees receive executive total compensation statements ■ Prior solution was to manually create individualized customized total cash and non-cash compensation statements ■ Required similar online and printable versions available
  • 17. HCM Cloud Solution Configuration ■ The statements are now created in Oracle HCM Cloud via two standard templates ■ The templates were configured to support the following: ▪ Ability to retain unique design ▪ Only show the specific cash and non cash compensation items that apply to specific employee ▪ Leverage template eligibility rules ▪ One click display via UI and PDF to increase user experience
  • 18. Accommodating Custom Requirements ■ Descriptive Flex Fields to evaluate values within compensation worksheet ■ Four level salary range placement ■ Merit pool budgeting based on an employee’s projected increase ■ User defined fields created to build Total Compensation Statements on demand
  • 19. Results ■ Streamlined Total Compensation Statement generation process ■ Automatic generation of Compensation Change Statements ■ Streamlined reporting ■ Manager-specific merit budget management
  • 20. Total Compensation Statement Demo
  • 21. Sample Printable PDF
  • 22. Lessons Learned
  • 23. Lesson Learned ■ Prepare for Data Clean-Up/Conversion ▪ Plan early ▪ Identify required clean-up activities prior to conversion ▪ Ensure proper verification of data ■ SaaS applications leverage best practices ■ Clearly identify business requirements ■ Allow adequate time for prototyping and testing ■ Change management is critical
  • 24. Questions
  • 25. Questions
  • 26. Contact Information ■ Thank you for your time and attendance today! ■ Please contact Patty Snider with any additional questions regarding your compensation system or implementation: Phone: 312.216.6974 Email: Website:
  • 27. Please complete the session evaluation We appreciate your feedback and insight You may complete the session evaluation either on paper or online via the mobile app
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