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  1. Action Research Plan Lisa Stoyak Question: How does consistent parental and community involvement influence student achievement? School Vision: Northpointe…
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  • 1. Action Research Plan Lisa Stoyak Question: How does consistent parental and community involvement influence student achievement? School Vision: Northpointe Intermediate empowers students to be motivated learners by working together with all stakeholders to provide a safe and positive environment that promotes excellence and respects the unique needs of all. Goal: To allow parents and community members more access to the classroom environment and/or myself as a teacher. Outcomes Activities Resources/Re Responsibiliti Time Line Benchmarks/ Revisions to search Tools es to Address Assessment PIP based on Needed Activities monotiring and assessments Align teachers Presentation at Power-point, Lisa Stoyak Aug. 2010 none none and in-service on computer, administrators learning paper, pencils, to form a communities student lists learning and why community to parent and work on community parent/commu involvement is nity needed and involvement how data supports student success. Teachers will Present steps 8 Steps From Lisa Stoyak Aug. 2010 All will be able Will be based understand of action Analysis To to define and on what a research ( Set Action by implement understanding learning up next Harris, et. al., steps of action of teachers community is meeting date) book, pen, research present and how action paper, research highlighters works
  • 2. Review/Collab Evaluate data AEIS Data, Grade Level Sept. 2010 Effective Revising of oration/Brainst supporting CIP, NCLB teachers and collaboration actions needed orming of ways student Action Guide administration and to ensure to get parents/ achievement, communication goals are community Campus and of ideas to being met. members District implement the involved improvement action plan, AEIS research data Parent and Creation of Computer All Sept-Oct. 2010 Survey results Possible Community student/parent/ Stakeholders to determine revision based member community campus and on the involvement to member involvement responses or increase survey (both desires and lack thereof student quantitative/qu needs. achievement alitative; include numbered and short answer responses. Supporting Creation of Computer Grade level Oct. 2010 Survey results Ongoing data and proof observation teachers to track revisions if of increased log of involvement neccessary involvement by parent/commu and change in parents and nity student community involvement. grades. members and Creation of increase in quarterly grade student log for achievement students. Formative Focus groups, Involvement Grade level Oct.-May 2010 Formative Ongoing assessment data collection logs, data teachers, assessment changes and results charts showing parents, results from revisions if showing student community logs/chars necessary. improvement grades, paper, members created. in pen Increased parent/commu attendance nity from parents involvement and and student community achievement members within school and classrooms.
  • 3. Communicatio Parent Involvement All Oct-May 2010 Parent and Ongoing n of findings of meetings, log, students Stakeholders community revisions if community/par newsletters grade log response to neccessary ent outlining involvement involvement results of within school and how it involvement and played a part and success. classrooms, in student increased achievement student achievement, celebration of success for all involved.
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