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  Fr. Thomas Paul K. Naval PASTOR Fr. Stephen Lesniewski PAROCHIAL VICAR Dan Diesel DEACON Fr. Gregory Dick, O. Praem WEEKEND ASSISTING PRIEST Fr. Joseph Young PRIEST IN RESIDENCE Humberto Ramirez DEACON
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Fr. Thomas Paul K. Naval PASTOR Fr. Stephen Lesniewski PAROCHIAL VICAR Dan Diesel DEACON Fr. Gregory Dick, O. Praem WEEKEND ASSISTING PRIEST Fr. Joseph Young PRIEST IN RESIDENCE Humberto Ramirez DEACON A Roman Catholic Stewardship Church Our Mission With the guidance of the Holy Spirit, we, the Roman Catholic Community of Santiago de Compostela aspire to proclaim in word and action the living Gospel of Jesus Christ. Let us Reflect... Today is the third Sunday of our Lenten preparation. Today's readings begin with a listing of the simple, straightforward rules in Exodus. However, in First Corinthians, we see that our faith is anything but simple rules. Our faith is in the spirit of a crucified Christ, a God whose foolishness is wiser than our wisdom, whose weakness is stronger than our strength. John's Gospel does nothing to help reconcile these seemingly irreconcilable expressions of faith. Jesus sees people conducting business outside the temple and reacts violently. Jesus' anger at the disrespect shown by following the letter but not the spirit of the Law is palpable. Jesus is the Spirit of the Law. It is Jesus, the Crucified, to whom we look for our faith. MASS SCHEDULE: Saturday Vigil 5pm Sunday 7am, 8:30am, 10:15am, 12pm, 1:45pm, 6:00pm (Español) Daily (Mon-Sat) 8am (Rosary following Mass) First Friday 8am National Holidays 8am RECONCILITATION: Friday 4pm-5pm Saturday 3:30pm-4:30pm PERPETUAL ADORATION: First Friday 8am-7:45am Benediction Saturday 8am MASS WITH ANOINTING OF THE SICK: Second Saturday 8am HOLY DAYS OF OBLIGATION: Vigil 6pm Holy Days 8am, 6pm, 7:30pm (Español) PARISH OFFICE HOURS: Mon-Fri 8:30am-1pm, 2pm-8:30pm Sunday 9am-12pm, 1pm-5:30pm PARISH OFFICE PHONE NUMBERS: Business Manager x224 Communications/Scheduling x236 Hispanic Ministries x239 Maintenance x237 Music Ministry x229 R.C.I.A. x231 Religious Education x230 Youth Ministry x LAKE FOREST, LAKE FOREST, CA OFFICE: FAX: SDCCATHOLIC.ORG Third Sunday of Lent Sunday/Domingo, March 4 6:30am Welcome Table Plaza 6:30am Donuts Plaza 7:00am Christian Men In Rooms D-I Commerce 7:30am Girl Scouts Plaza 8:00am Children s Liturgy Room A 8:00am RCIA Rooms B-C and Santiago 9:00am Library Open Library 2:00pm Youth Ministry Rooms B-C 4:00pm Confirmation Rooms B-C 5:30pm Children s Liturgy Room A Monday/Lunes, March 5 8:00am Daily Mass Church 9:00am Library Open Library 4:00pm Religious Education Rooms A-K and Church 5:30pm St. Vincent de Paul Library 6:00pm Spiritual Ex. St. Ignatius Santiago 7:00pm Santo Rosario Chapel Tuesday/Martes, March 6 8:00am Daily Mass Church 1:30pm Home School Rooms A-C 6:00pm Formación en la Fe Church 6:30pm Cub Scouts Room A 7:00pm Confirmation Rooms B-G 7:00pm Sp. Ex. St. Ignatius Chapel Mtg. Room 7:00pm Coro Church 7:00pm Cristo Rey Library Wednesday/Miércoles, March 7 8:00am Daily Mass Church 8:30am English Bible Study Kitchen, Rooms E-H and Santiago 6:00pm Lenten Mass Church 6:00pm Children s Choir Rooms J and K 6:00pm BSA Troop 604 Santiago 6:30pm Knights of Columbus Room A 7:00pm Ensemble Ministry Church 7:00pm English Bible Study Kitchen, Rooms E-H Thursday/Jueves, March 8 8:00am Daily Mass Church 3:00pm VITA Room K 4:00pm Hispanic Ministries Kitchen 5:00pm Quinceanñera Rehearsal Church Compañia Espiritual Chapel Mtg. Room 6:00pm 6:45pm Clase de Biblia Rooms D-I 7:00pm Landings Santiago 7:00pm Chorale Ministry Church 7:00pm RCIA Room C 7:30pm Minstrels Room A Friday/Viernes, March 9 7:00am Christian Men In Room A Commerce 8:00am Daily Mass Church 9:30am Al-Anon Room J 9:30am Divine Mercy Mtg. Room A 1:00pm Lenten Dinners Rooms D-I, Kitchen 5:00pm Grupo de Crochet Library 5:00pm Ask a Nurse Santiago 5:30pm Stations of the Cross Church 6:00pm Formación en la Fe Rooms B-C, J-K 6:45pm Clases Pre-Bautismales Room A 7:00pm Viacrusis Church Saturday/Sábado, March 10 7:00am Catholic Men s Fellowship Rooms C-D and I-J 7:00am VITA Tax Preparation Rooms A-B and K 7:00am Recycling Lower Parking Lot 8:00am Daily Mass Church 8:00am Confirmation Reality Party Rooms C-J 8:00am Burrito Ministry Kitchen 10:00am Bautizos Church 12:00pm Quinceañera Church 3:00pm Kyrie Music Church 3:30pm Confessions Church 4:30pm Welcome Table Plaza 4:30pm Children s Liturgy Room A Schedule Subject to Change March 4 th -March 10 th Sunday (7am) Roger Arenswald Sunday (8:30am) Maximiliano and Ma. Guadalupe Miramontes Sunday (10:15am) Francisco and Socorro Sanchez Sunday (12pm) Edward and Josephine Rapsinko Sunday (1:45pm) Rita Fuentes Sunday (6pm) Doris Rengifo Monday (8am) Amparo Villena Tuesday (8am) Benny and Virginia Niewinski Wednesday (8am) Corazon Villena Joseph Carvalho Thursday (8am) Aliza Hinton Friday (8am) Francisco Villena Saturday (8am) Claire Niewiski Saturday (5pm) Robert and Ruth Harvey Prayers for the Sick Ofelia Alvizo, Christopher Bohmfalk, Sylvia Bumgarden, Burgos Family, Betty Burgos, Matthew Burgos, Mr. Caschetta, Castro Family, Brittany Chiles, Antonia Cortes, Cherie Deeble, Carrie Dubeau, Duran Family, Patrick and Helen Farrell, Marlene Ford, Marta and Mike Fowler, Andy Gallegos, Louie D. Garcia, Michael S. Garcia, Kathy Goebel, Bea Gougeon, Rev. Dave Gruver, John Gutierrez, Mary Jane Haas, Andy Heidesch, Robert Holohan, Kay Kenson, Frank LeFranco, Takoa Last, Tifanny Lee, Guadalupe Meza, Jesus Meza, Karim Moftakhar, Viridiana Muñoz, Ligaya Nerona, Audrey Nguyen, Mary Odierna, Jose Ortiz, Lumi Palacio, Erika Pena, Lino Protomartir, Sr. Bertha Rafael, Felicita Rabanera, Cyrus Rhee, Ed Rodriguez, Rachel Ruelas, Rose Ruiz, Ilda Sánchez, Luke Siglar, Doris Sinclair, Diane Smith, Solikhin Family, Greg Sparks, Irene Sullivan, Norma Valdivieso. Please note: In order to keep the list current, names will remain on the list for six weeks. Please resubmit after that time by contacting: PICTURE(S) ON FRONT COVER Picture (T to B): 1. 3 rd Sunday of Lent Artwork 2. Lent Reflection 3. Lent Artwork. Third Sunday of Lent JMJ the heart is a self-destructive gesture. It s autophagy. Those who do not forgive are physically, emotionally and spiritually ill. Parents are the children s source of life. They are there to protect their sons and daughters and not to compete with them. That is why the family must be a place of life, not of death; territory of cure and not of illness; stage of forgiveness and not guilt. Forgiveness brings joy where sorrow has produced sadness; healing, where sorrow has caused disease. My Dearest Parish Family, God be with us always. I had a humorous incident happen to me when I went to a bank in Buena Park a few weeks ago. After I stated my business, I asked whether they had a chip or if I swiped. I was told to swipe it. When I asked if I needed to present my debit card the bank teller: No need Fr. Naval. I recognized your voice. Were you not Love and prayers, assigned at St. Justin Martyr for a long time? I may not remember you face but I do remember your voice and father, who can forget your singing? Fr. Thomas Paul K. Naval Remembering the voice led me to reflect for sometime if I do remember God s voice and if I do listen to His voice. It made me also reflect if I do take time to listen to His voice. God s Word spoken in love is incarnated in our Lord Jesus. During Lenten Season, we are challenged to spend more time listening to God s loving voice. For this letter, I am sharing in full one message sent to me by spiritual father Col. Roger Luis. It is a beautiful message from our Holy Father Pope Francis in a Retreat that I think is already paraphrased. Pope Francis spoke about the family that is good point of reflection during this Lent. It can help us become more understanding, patient, to help us practice the spirit of forgiveness and compassion during this season. JMJ There is no perfect family. We do not have 4 de marzo de 2018 perfect parents, we are not perfect, we do not marry a perfect person or have perfect Mi Querida Familia Parroquial, children. We have complaints from each other. We disappoint each other. So there Dios esté con nosotros siempre. is no healthy marriage or healthy family without the exercise of forgiveness. Forgiveness is vital to our emotional and spiritual survival. Without forgiveness the family becomes an arena of conflict and stronghold of hurt. Without forgiveness, the family becomes ill. Forgiveness is the asepsis of the soul, the cleansing of the mind and the liberation of the heart. Whoever does not forgive does not have peace in the soul nor communion with God. Hurt is the poison that intoxicates and kills. Keeping heartache in May these words encourage us to open our hearts to forgive, to be compassionate and understanding of each other in our families and the greater family of the Community of the Faithful the Church, our Diocese... our Parish Family. God bless and take care. Tuve un incidente humorístico cuando me fui a un banco en Buena Park hace unas semanas. Después de declarar mi negocio, les pregunté si tenían un chip o si solo pasaba la tarjeta. Me dijeron que lo deslizara. Cuando le pregunté si necesitaba presentar mi tarjeta de débito, el cajero del banco me dijo: No es necesario Padre Naval. Reconocí su voz. No te asignaron en St. Justin Martyr por mucho tiempo? Puede que no recuerde tu cara, pero sí recuerdo tu voz y padre, quién puede olvidar tu canto? Recordar la voz me llevó a reflexionar por algún tiempo si recuerdo la voz de Dios y si escucho su voz. También me hizo reflexionar si tomo tiempo para escuchar su voz. La Palabra de Dios hablada en amor se encarna en nuestro Señor Jesús. Durante la temporada de Cuaresma, tenemos el desafío de pasar más tiempo escuchando la amorosa voz de Dios. Para esta carta, estoy compartiendo en su totalidad un mensaje enviado por mi padre espiritual, el coronel Roger Luis. Es un hermoso mensaje de nuestro Santo Padre Papa Francisco en un Retiro que creo que ya está parafraseado. El Papa Francisco habló sobre la familia que es un buen punto de reflexión durante esta Cuaresma. Puede ayudarnos a ser más comprensivos, pacientes, para ayudarnos a practicar el espíritu de perdón y compasión durante esta temporada. No hay una familia perfecta. No tenemos padres perfectos, no somos perfectos, no nos casamos con una persona perfecta ni tenemos hijos perfectos. Tenemos quejas el uno del otro. Nos decepcionamos el uno al otro. Entonces no hay un matrimonio saludable o una familia saludable sin el ejercicio del perdón. El perdón es vital para nuestra supervivencia emocional y espiritual. Sin perdón, la familia se convierte en una arena de conflicto y fortaleza de dolor. Sin perdón, la familia se enferma. El perdón es la asepsia del alma, la purificación de la mente y la liberación del corazón. Quien no perdona no tiene paz en el alma ni comunión con Dios. Herido es el veneno que intoxica y mata. Mantener la angustia en el corazón es un gesto autodestructivo. Es autofagia. Los que no perdonan están física, emocional y espiritualmente enfermos. Los padres son la fuente de vida de los niños. Están ahí para proteger a sus hijos e hijas y no competir con ellos. Es por eso que la familia debe ser un lugar de vida, no de muerte; territorio de cura y no de enfermedad; etapa de perdón y no de culpa. El perdón trae alegría donde el dolor ha producido tristeza; curación, donde el dolor ha causado la enfermedad . Que estas palabras nos animen a abrir nuestros corazones para perdonar, a ser compasivos y a comprendernos mutuamente en nuestras familias y en la gran familia de la Comunidad de los Fieles: la Iglesia, nuestra Diócesis... nuestra Familia Parroquial. Dios lo bendiga y cuide. Con amor y mis oraciones, Fr. Thomas Paul K. Naval Third Sunday of Lent For these gifts we are grateful: Sunday Offertory (2/25/18) Sunday Offertory: $ 15, Average Weekly WeShare: $ 5, $ 21, Total Budgeted Sunday Offertory: $ 22, Building Fund: ($ 1,233.19) $ Financial Statements In an effort to save the cost of postage, end of the year tax statements that are requested will be ed to you or will be available for pick up in the Reception Office. This would be a good time to update or add your contact information. Financial contribution statements for 2017 will be processed only if you have used weekly envelopes. To request a statement, call the office at or PASTORAL SERVICES APPEAL (PSA) 2018 Last weekend, many of our Parishioners made a pledge and initial payment for this years PSA Campaign We Are One, which helps support diocesan ministries in many ways. If you have not made yours, please prayerfully consider the amount of your pledge. Envelopes are found in the pews and may be dropped off in the reception office today! Please take a prayer card from the pews to keep praying for this cause. Together we are united in the Catholic faith knowing that through your generosity many people will be served. Thank you for your participation in the life of Santiago de Compostela and the Diocese of Orange. Foreign Currency and Tithing From time to time we receive foreign currency in our Sunday collection. Unfortunately, we are not able to deposit foreign monies with our bank. We dislike to throw away currency just because it is of no use to the parish when we know it has value elsewhere, so we ask you to please refrain from contributing with foreign coin. We appreciate our parishioner s time, talent, and U.S. treasure! PARISH MEMBER UPDATES In the process of updating our parish database, please update any changes to your personal information (phone number, address, address, etc.). Those members who have not contributed time, talent or treasure within the last five years, January 1, 2012 to December 31, 2017, will be inactivated from our database. To update your information or if you have been inactive but want to remain a parish member, please contact the parish office. Readings for the Week Monday: 2 K gs 5:1-15b; Ps 42:2, 3; 43:3, 4; Lk 4:24-30 Tuesday: Dn 3:25, 34-43; Ps 25:4-5ab, 6-7bc, 8-9; Mt 18:21-35 Wednesday: Dt 4:1, 5-9; Ps 147:12-13, 15-16, 19-20; Mt 5:17-19 Thursday: Jer 7:23-28; Ps 95:1-2, 6-9; Lk 11:14-23 Friday: Hos 14:2-10; Ps 81:6c-11ab, 14, 17; Mk 12:28-34 Saturday: Hos 6:1-6; Ps 51:3-4, 18-21ab; Lk 18:9-14 Sunday: 2 Chr 36:14-16, 19-23; Ps 137:1-6; Eph 2:4-10; Jn 3:14-21 SECOND COLLECTION CATHOLIC HOME MISSIONS APPEAL March 10th and 11th On March 10th and 11th, we will having a second collection for the Catholic Home Missions Appeal. Right now, over 40 percent of dioceses in the United States are considered home mission territory because they are unable to fund the essential pastoral work needed in their communities. Your support of this appeal helps ease the struggle of these dioceses. Please prayerfully consider how you can support this appeal. More information can be found at Third Sunday of Lent Next CI class #11 is: March 6th from 7:00pm-8:30pm Next CII class #11 is: March 13 from 7:00pm-8:30pm th Next Friday Night Live/Youth Group meetings are: March 4th both from 2:00pm-4:00pm in Rooms B and C. Please come and check this club out! FAITH ENCOUNTERS SCHEDULE Landings Healing Ministry for non-practicing Catholics *Lead: TBD February 15-April 12 (Thursdays) 7:00pm-8:30pm Bible Study (ENGLISH) Guided Bible Study *Lead: Barbara Callahan and Nancy Kobayshi Now March 21 (Wednesdays) 9:00am-11:30 or 7:00pm-9:30pm Bible Study (SPANISH) Guided Bible Study Next Class planning meeting is: March 4th from 4:00pm -6:00pm in Rooms B and C for class #10 (CII) & 11 (CI). Faith-sharing Event: Reality Party hosted by the FNL youth group for Parents only is March 10th. Please go to our website: and sign up through the link to ticket leap for a tour time. *Remember this is parents only but parents may bring adult friends. Tour times are hourly beginning at 3:00pm. Parents will tour through the event 15 people at a t time. The reality party attendance by your parent will count for one faith sharing credit. MARCH RE Classes: Classes are held in March on the 5th, 12th and 19th. Then we break for two weeks to enjoy our Holy Week and Easter Week. Classes resume on April 9th. Remember to attend our next Family Mass on March 10th at 5pm or March 11th at 10:15am. I hope to see you all there! RE Congress: Los Angeles Congress is coming to Anaheim Convention Center in March! There are a few booklets available in the Faith-Formation Office if you wish to check out the workshops offered. Congress is known for excellent presentation by renown Catholic speakers and theologians. *Lead: Maricarmen Roa Now June 14 (Thursdays) 6:45pm-9:00pm FAMILY MASS Second Weekend of the Month March 10th at 5:00pm or March 11th at 10:15am Santiago de Compostela Community, keep all of our Religious Education programs in your prayers. For all those receiving their Sacraments between March and May, that they truly understand the meaning and value of the sacrament receiving. May they continue growing in their faith and love for Christ. Amen. Come HOME! We ve Missed You! If you have been thinking about becoming more active in the Church again after a time away, we want you to join us. LANDINGS is an eight-week program that offers a safe place to land, a place for listening and for being heard, a place for asking questions and for reconnecting with the faith as an adult. If you are interested, please contact Tom Haas: , ext. 231 or St. Paul was a model of courage in defending the faith and spreading the Good News of Jesus Christ. In Ch. 22 of Acts of the Apostles, Luke wrote that Paul told the story of his conversion to a group of very orthodox Jewish men who were angry with him. They did not understand and wanted him arrested. Some members of the Roman Army arrested Paul from this very violent mob of Jews. He was to be beaten and scourged. However, when the Centurion heard his claim, I was born a Roman Citizen, he became alarmed and wanted to free Paul. Meetings: Wednesdays from 9:00am-11:15am or 7:00pm-9:00pm in Santiago Parish Hall For further information contact Nancy or Barb Third Sunday of Lent 2018 The Reception Office has started scheduling Mass intentions for April-June. The requested donation remains $10 per Mass. Prayers of the faithful request are also offered to parishioners. For more information, please contact our Reception Office. The schedule for quarterly start dates are as follows: March 1st = April June June 1st = July September September 1st = October -December Free Nurse Visits at Santiago On the second Friday (March 9th) of each month from 5pm to 6:30pm, you can drop in and talk with a Mission Hospital Nurse in a private setting in the parish hall regarding: Your health questions or concerns Nutritional Counseling Coping with Life Changes Blood Pressure Counseling Resources for you and your family RECYCLING WE NEED YOUR RECYCLABLES The Knights need your help in collecting recyclables. Your recyclables are a gift to those in need. The Lord asks that we reach out to others and this can be your way to do so. We look forward to seeing all of you Saturday March 10th, Items to drop off: Aluminum cans Bi-Metal cans All types of paper Books, Magazines Glass jars & bottles Plastics (Water bottles, Milk bottles, etc.) Please rinse out all containers If you have questions bring it and we will let you know. We will be in the lower parking lot from 7:00am to 12:00pm rain or shine. You can also drop off any recyclables during the week in the drop off area. Just open the gate and leave them in the designated area at the end of the trailer. Look for the recycling sign. Mass with Anointing of the Sick Mass with Anointing of the Sick will be celebrated on the second Saturday (March 10th) of every month during the 8am Mass. Come and experience the power of faith and the healing presence of God. South County Outreach Food Drive March 10th and March 11th If your household income was less than $60,000 in 2017, you may be eligible to file your taxes for free! WHERE: Santiago de Compostela Catholic Church WHEN: Saturdays, March 10 th, April 17th and 14th Time: 8:00am-1:30pm Thursdays, March 8 th-april 12th Time: 3:00pm-
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